C#: The Complete Foundation

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  • Getting Started
    What you need for this course
    Introduction to Microsoft Visual Studio
  • C# - A First Look
    Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
    Introduction to C# Concepts
    Selecting Identifiers
    Adding Program Comments
    Section 1: Summary and Homework
    C# - A First Look
    Review : Section 2 Homework
  • Using Data
    Integral & Floating-Point Data Types
    Arithmetic Operators
    The Boolean Data Type
    Numeric Type Conversion
    Char & String Data Types
    Defining Constants and Enumerations
    Accepting Console Input
    Section 2: Summary and Class Assignment
    Using Data
    Section 3 Homework Assignment2:24
    Review : Section 3 Homework
  • Using GUI Objects
    Creating Forms in Visual Studio
    Using the Toolbox to add Buttons, Labels and TextBoxes
    Section 3: Summary and Class Assignment
    Using GUI Objects
    Section 4 Homework Assignment
    Review : Section 4 Homework
  • Making Decisions (Statements)
    Logic-Planning Tools and Decision Making
    Using If Statements
    Using If-Else Statements
    Using Compound Expressions in If Statements
    Using Switch Statements
    Conditional Operator & NOT Operator
    Avoiding Common Decision Errors
    Section 5: Summary and Class Assignment
    Making Decisions (Statements)
    Section 5 Homework Assignment
    Review : Section 5 Homework
  • Looping
    Create Loops Using While Statements
    Create Loops Using For Statements
    Create Loops Using Do Statements
    Section 6: Summary and Class Assignment
    Section 6 Homework Assignment
    Review : Section 6 Homework
  • Using Arrays
    Introduction to Arrays
    Accessing Array Elements
    Length Property and Using foreach
    Searching Arrays Using Loops
    BinarySearch(), Sort(), Reverse() Methods
    Single & Multidimensional Arrays
    Section 7: Summary and Class Assignment
    Using Arrays
    Section 7 Homework Assignment
    Review: Section 7 Homework
  • Introduction to Methods
    Understanding Methods
    Return Types & Method Identifiers
    Writing Methods
    Passing Array Elements
    Section 8: Summary and Class Assignment
    Introduction to Methods
    Section 8 Homework Assignment
    Review: Section 8 Homework
  • Mid-Term Project
    Mid-Term Assignment
    Review: Mid-Term Assignment
  • Part 1: Using Classes and Objects
    Class Concepts
    Instance Variables & Methods
    Creating Objects
    This Reference & Public/Private Access
    Class Assignment
    Section 10 Homework Assignment
    Review: Section 10 Homework
  • Part 2: Using Classes and Objects
    Using Constructors
    Object Initializers
    Overloading Operators
    Using Arrays with Objects
    Section 11: Summary and Class Assignment
    Section 10 & 11 Combined
    Section 11 Homework Assignment
    Review: Section 11 Homework
  • Introduction to Inheritance
    Protected Access Specifier
    Base Class Methods: Overriding & Accessing Base Methods
    Using the Object Class
    Section 12: Summary and Class Assignment
    Section 12 Quiz
    Section 12 Homework Assignment
    Review: Section 12 Homework
  • Exception Handling
    Understanding Exceptions
    Traditional and Object-Oriented Exception Handling
    The Exception Class’s ToString() Method and Message Property
    Catching Multiple Exceptions
    The TryParse() Method
    Handling Exceptions Thrown from Outside Methods
    Call Stack & StackTrace
    Creating Custom Exceptions
    Section 13: Summary and Class Assignment
    Section 13 Homework Assignment
    Review: Section 13 Homework
  • Final Project
    Final Project Assignment
    Final Project Review

Learn Easy, Learn Smart, Learn It All: The Most Comprehensive A-Z Guide to C#


Danny Boehm is a Computer Science/Mathematics Major with a minor in Game Development from California State University: Channel Islands. His programming background includes: Python, Java, C, C#, C++, Lua, Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Unity, and Android. As an instructor, he strives to engage all his students in hands-on projects. All his courses will include: vocabulary, concept lectures, examples inside programming environments, and homework projects to practice on your own time.


With 96 lectures included, this course is designed to cover all the essential concepts of C# and object oriented programming. You'll learn to create functional and useful C# programs, as well as use other IDE's (Integrated Development Environment) such as: Eclipse, Unreal Engine, Unity and more. After taking this class, you'll be fully prepared to take on advanced topics, and even transition into other languages like Java or C++.

  • Learn to create C# applications w/ 96 lectures & 8 hours of content
  • Apply the core concepts of object oriented programming
  • Analyze, design, implement & organize around objects
  • Apply code encapsulation for reusability & stability
  • Write custom classes, interfaces, loops & methods
  • Understand C# at a college-level
  • Start a new career as a developer
  • Understand syntax, logic & run-time errors
  • Write fluent pseudocode & flowcharts


Details & Requirements

  • Length of time users can access this course: lifetime
  • Access options: web streaming, mobile streaming
  • Certification of completion not included
  • Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase
  • Experience level required: beginner


  • Internet required


  • Unredeemed licenses can be returned for store credit within 30 days of purchase. Once your license is redeemed, all sales are final.
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